In the Preferences dialog you can adapt NAMO to your needs. To open the Preferences dialog, either click on the Preferences button in the main window or select “NAMO > Preferences…” from the menu.


NAMO - Preferences - General

  • Automatically start / stop DNS Server:

    • No
      Enable this option if you want to start or stop the DNS Server manually. This can be done in the main window by clicking the Start/Stop button.

    • When NAMO starts / quits
      Activate this option if the DNS Server is to be started or stopped when NAMO is launched or shut down.

    • On system startup
      Enable this option if you want the DNS Server to start at system startup. It remains active until the system is turned off.

  • Automatically resolve Hosts:

    • From hosts file (/etc/hosts)
      Select this checkbox to automatically resolve all hosts from the local hosts file (“/etc/hosts”).

    • MAMP PRO host
      Select this check box if you want hosts from MAMP PRO to be resolved. In order for a MAMP PRO host to be resolved, it must be marked in MAMP PRO under “Resolution” either as a MAMP Viewer host (MAMP PRO 5.x) or as a NAMO host (MAMP PRO 6.0 or higher).

DNS Forwarding

NAMO - Preferences - DNS Forwarding

  • DNS Forwarding

    • Forward DNS Queries to
      Activate this checkbox to continue accessing external Web pages from devices that use NAMO as their DNS Server. By default, the DNS Server of the Mac running NAMO is entered here. However, you can overwrite this entry and add as many DNS Servers as you like.


NAMO - Preferences - Advanced

  • Default TTL (Time to Live):

    TTL stands for “Time to live” and it refers to how long a computer or server’s DNS settings are supposed to be cached before they are automatically refreshed. The default TTL value is used for auto-resolved hosts and as the default setting for NAMO Hosts.

  • “Don’t ask again” flags:

    • Reset
      By clicking on this button, the notes for which you have activated the “Don’t ask again” checkbox will be displayed again.
  • IPv4/IPv6 support:

    • IPv4 only
      Enable this option if you want NAMO to support IPv4 only.

    • IPv6 only
      Enable this option if you want NAMO to support IPv6 only.

    • IPv4 & IPv6
      Enable this option if you want NAMO to support IPv4 & IPv6.

  • Keyboard Shortcut for NAMO:
    Define here which keyboard shortcut should be used to bring NAMO to the foreground. This only works if NAMO has already been started.

  • Red dot on dock icon
    Activate this checkbox if you want a red mark to be displayed at the top right of the NAMO icon in the Dock as soon as the DNS server and the NAMO services have been started.