Main window

The main window is the NAMO control center. From here you can manage your local DNS server.

NAMO - Main window


In the upper right part of the main window there is the toolbar with the following two buttons:

  • Preferences
    With a click on this button you open the preferences.

  • Start/Stop
    With the Start/Stop button you can start or stop the DNS Server and the NAMO Services.

On the left side of the main window is the sidebar. In the sidebar you will find the sections below:


The colour of the dots indicates the status.

  • grey = does not run or stopped
  • green = running or started

  • DNS Server
    The status of the DNS server is displayed here.

  • NAMO Services
    The status of the NAMO services is displayed here. NAMO services are background processes that update the configuration files for the DNS server when addresses change. This can be the case, for example, when a new IP address has been assigned to your Mac or when there are new MAMP Viewer hosts (MAMP PRO 5.x) or NAMO hosts (MAMP PRO 6 or higher).


Here you can see all hosts that have been resolved by the DNS Server. Duplicate host entries (when a host is displayed in multiple groups) are displayed in light gray. The hosts are divided into three groups:

  • NAMO Hosts
    This group contains all hosts added manually to NAMO.

  • Hosts from /etc/hosts
    This group contains all hosts from the “/etc/hosts” file. For this, the automatic resolution of hosts from the “/etc/hosts” file must be enabled in the preferences.

  • MAMP PRO Hosts
    This group contains all MAMP PRO hosts with ‘via “NAMO”’ setting enabled. The MAMP PRO servers must be started and the option “MAMP PRO hosts” must be activated in the preferences.

  • ”+” button By clicking on the “+” button you add a new NAMO host. For information on adding and editing a host, click here.


On the right side of the main window is the host view. It is visible as soon as you have selected a host in the sidebar or clicked on the “+” button in the sidebar. Information on how to add and edit a host can be found here.

Further Information