Settings > Editor

Part of the MAMP PRO development environment is of course also a text editor. You can configure the appearance and behaviour of this editor in many ways. In the following you will find an overview of the different options.


Customize your document editing settings here.

MAMP PRO - Settings - Editor - Editing

  • Appearance

    • Show invisible characters
    • Show line numbers
    • Show mini map
    • Show folding strip
    • Highlight lines containing folded areas
    • Show indent guides
    • Show page guide, at column
    • Print in color

  • Editing

    • Soft-wrap text
      • never
      • to window width
      • to page guide
      • to 80 characters
    • Auto-close brackets
      • always
      • language-defined
      • before Whitespace
      • never
    • Auto-close quotes
      • always
      • language-defined
      • before Whitespace
      • never
    • Indent with spaces instead of tabs / Tab size is X spaces
    • Trim automatically inserted whitespace

  • When comparing files
    • Show differences side-by-side
      • Allow moving the views vertical separator to change their width

  • Status bar
    • Always show status bar

Font & Colors

MAMP PRO - Settings - Editor - Font & Colors

Here you can set the font and colors used by the editor.MAMP PRO offers three themes:

  • Standard
  • Plain
  • Dark

Of course, you can also choose your very own combinations.

Default Apps

MAMP PRO - Settings - Editor - Default Apps

Here you can specify external programs to open different types of files.