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MAMP PRO offers you the possibility to transfer the data (files, folders, mapped databases) of your hosts into the cloud. All you need is an account with one of the supported cloud providers. The installation of further software is not necessary.

Please note that your data is not automatically synchronized. Transferring data to the cloud or from the cloud to your local Mac is done manually. To do this, use either the options of the Cloud tab of the respective host or the corresponding options from the context menu of the Hosts Table.

MAMP PRO - Cloud

If data is currently being transferred from your local Mac to the cloud or from the cloud to your local Mac, the elephant icon in the menu bar turns green, a transfer icon appears next to the “Cloud” entry in the sidebar and on the cloud tab of the corresponding host you can see a status indicator in the “Current activity status” area.

  • Cloud provider
    Select one of the supported cloud providers here. The following options are available:

    • Dropbox
    • OneDrive

    After selecting the cloud provider, the website of the selected cloud provider will open in your default browser and you will be asked to authorize MAMP PRO. We show this process here as an example for Dropbox.

    1. The first step is to sign in to Dropbox.

      MAMP PRO - Cloud - Sign in to Dropbox

    2. In the second step you are informed that MAMP PRO wants to access your Dropbox account. Access is only granted for the “Apps/MAMP PRO” folder. Confirm this request by clicking the “Allow” button.

      MAMP PRO - Cloud - Authorize MAMP PRO

    3. In the last step the Dropbox website wants to guide you back to MAMP PRO. For security reasons you must confirm this action in your browser. By confirming this message you return to MAMP PRO.

      MAMP PRO - Cloud - Open MAMP PRO

  • Use encryption
    Use this feature to encrypt your data before moving it to your cloud provider. You can encrypt all data before transferring it to the cloud, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and an encryption key you provide. The key will be stored in the systems keychain. You cannot set the encryption key if there is cloud activity.

    When you set encryption your files will be stored in the cloud with a .encryptedzip extension. Previously stored hosts will keep their .zip, unencrypted extension, until the are reloaded to the cloud.

    • Set global encryption key
      MAMP PRO - Cloud - Set global encryption key

      • New Key
        Enter the encryption key to be used for all hosts and cloud services here. This key must be at least 16 characters long and may not be longer than 32 characters.

      • Verify
        Enter your encryption key again here for verification.

      • Create text file with key on the desktop
        If you activate this checkbox, a text file containing the encryption key will be created on your desktop when you set the encryption key. The file name has the following form: “MAMP PRO Cloud Encryption Key DATE TIME.txt”.

      • Load from file…
        Here you have the possibility to load the encryption key from a previously saved text file.

      • Cancel
        Clicking on this button cancels the action and the dialog is closed.

      • Set
        By clicking on this button you set the encryption key you specified. This button is only active if the specified encryption key meets the requirements and the verification is successful.

  • Prevent sleep during cloud activity
    If there is cloud activity MAMP PRO can prevent your computer from going to sleep mode. After all cloud activity has been finished MAMP PRO does no longer block the sleep mode.

  • Path to Cloud log file
    The path to your cloud log file. Your cloud activity log is located in “/Applications/MAMP PRO/logs/cloud.log”.