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The Nginx web server has been gaining popularity lately. In order to provide you with an optimal development environment that comes as close as possible to the requirements of most providers, MAMP PRO also offers this web server.

MAMP PRO - Servers and Services - Nginx

In the upper right corner of this screen you can find information about the version of the Nginx web server and the ports used for the http and https protocols.

In addition to the general settings available on this screen, you can also configure more specific options for each host (Nginx tab).

  • Nginx server is included in GroupStart (because at least one host uses Nginx).
    This checkbox is checked if at least one host uses the Nginx web server.

  • Nginx modules
    The Nginx web server installed by MAMP PRO comes with several modules preinstalled. The web server modules can be enabled or disabled according to your needs. Module description provides information about features and functions of the selected module.

  • Path to Nginx log file.
    The path to your Apache log file. This log file is located at “/Applications/MAMP PRO/logs/nginx_error.log”.

Right-clicking on the “Nginx” entry in the sidebar opens a context menu with several options.

  • **If Nginx is running **.

    • Restart server
      This option allows you to restart the Nginx web server individually.

    • Show nginx.conf….
      Calling this option will display the Nginx configuration file (nginx.conf) connections currently used by the running server instances. It is displayed in read-only mode. If you want to make changes, you must edit the template.

  • If Nginx is not running

    • Force server to stop.
      If Nginx is running but MAMP PRO is unable to detect the correct status, the application may not be able to (re)start or stop the server instances. Calling this function will help MAMP PRO to regain control over Nginx.