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Nginx options can be set for the selected virtual host in the table. These options are security related! More information about configuring your Nginx server can be found in the Nginx documentation.

Note: You cannot make changes to the Nginx settings unless the host is set to Nginx in the Settings > Hosts > General tab.

MAMP PRO - Nginx

Note: Please pay attention to the exact spelling of all information. Due to errors in the set options, Nginx may not start.

  • Directory index
    Specify which file Nginx should serve if no filename is given in an address. The default is either index.html or index.php.

  • AutoIndex
    Enables or disables directory browsing. If there is no index.html, index.php, etc. in the document root, the content of the folder will be displayed if this option is enabled. Without this option, nothing will be displayed or an error message will appear.

  • Additional parameters for location:/

    • try_files
      Checks for the existence of files in the specified order and uses the first file found to process the request. (See the Nginx documentation for more information).

    • Custom.
      These directives go directly into the nginx.conf file.

  • Access limits.
    (See the Nginx documentation for more information.)

    • allow.
      Allows access for the specified network or address. If the special value unix: is specified (1.5.1), allows access for all sockets in the UNIX domain.

    • **deny ** Denies access to the specified network or address. If the unix: (1.5.1) special value is specified, denies access for all UNIX domain sockets.

  • Additional parameters for the <server> directive.
    Add additional parameters to the <server> directive here.

nginx.conf file

You cannot edit your nginx.conf file directly in MAMP PRO. You need to make custom configurations through your nginx.conf template file. More information on how to configure your nginx template file can be found in our Menu > File section.

MAMP PRO and httpd.conf, php.ini, my.cnf