Upgrading from MAMP to MAMP PRO

The MAMP installer package has already installed both a version of MAMP and MAMP PRO. The MAMP App is located in “/Applications/MAMP”. MAMP PRO is located in “/Applications”.

MAMP and MAMP PRO share many of the same installations of servers, tools and interpreters. MAMP PRO will take over where you left off in MAMP sort of speak.

  1. Open MAMP PRO
    Click on the “MAMP” icon in “/Applications” folder.

  2. Completing MAMP PRO installation
    At the first start of MAMP PRO the possibly existing MySQL databases are copied from MAMP to MAMP PRO and the content of the directory “/Applications/MAMP/htdocs” is copied to “~/Sites/localhost” and set as “Document root” for the host “localhost”. You will be informed about this process via a corresponding dialog box.

    MAMP PRO - Completing MAMP PRO installation

    It is important to remember MAMP PRO will only copy your data once.

    • Your MAMP database data are located in “/Applications/MAMP/db”.
    • Your MAMP PRO database data are located in “/Library/application data/appsolute/MAMP PRO/db”.

    Problems can occur if you had previously tried MAMP PRO and launched your servers. Your data was copied over then. You will be looking at an old copy of your database data if you have now decided to upgrade to MAMP PRO.

    More information on how to copy your databases from MAMP to MAMP PRO can be found in our FAQ section.

    Note: It is no longer recommended to use “/Applications/MAMP/htdocs” as “Document root” for the host “localhost” (or any other host).

  3. Confirm Servers are Running
    Click on the “Start” button on the top right of the toolbar to launch Apache and MySQL, they are your default GroupStart web server and database server. Your servers should launch indicated by “On” under the “Server and Services” section on the left side of the application.

Additional Information