How to install Drupal

Download Drupal and setup document root

Download Drupal here. After downloading, the resulting zip file should be in your “C:\Downloads” folder. Unzip this file. You should now see a “C:\Downloads\Drupal” folder. Move the contents of this folder to “C:\Applications\MAMP\htdocs”.

Create database

Click on Open Start Page, then on the phpMyAdmin link. Create a database in phpMyAdmin and call it “drupal”.


Run Drupal installation

Go to Open Start Page, click on “MyWebsite” on the top menu bar, you should now see the Drupal installation process begin.


The following fields are the default for the MAMP PRO MySQL installation, user name: “root”, password: “root”, database host: “localhost” and port to 8889.


Complete the Drupal installation process. The “admin” user is the administrative user for this Drupal site. You can use an administrative username other than “admin”.