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Apache options can be set for the selected virtual host in the table. These options are security related! For more information about configuring your Apache server, see the Apache website.


  • Options for <Directory> directive

    • Indexes
      Enables or disables directory browsing. If there is no index.html, index.php, etc. in the document root, will be displayed if this option is enabled. Without this option, nothing will be displayed or an error message will be displayed.

    • Includes
      Allows the use of Server Side Includes (SSI).

    • FollowSymLinks
      Allows you to use symbolic links to point to documents in other directories. This is an elegant feature when you want references to objects outside the directory tree (e.g. web server log files), but know that you want to avoid hiding objects in the URL tree.

    • SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
      Restricted version of “FollowSymLinks”. Allows referencing objects via symbolic links only if the owner matches.

    • Exec-CGI
      Permit CGI execution.

    • Multiviews
      Allows you to enable or disable dynamic documents based on language.

  • Additional parameters for <Directory> directive

    • Directory Index
      Specify which file Apache should serve when no filename is given in an address. By default this is either index.html or index.php.
  • Additional Parameters for <VirtualHost> directive
    These directives go directly into the httpd.conf file.

    • Server admin
      The email address to which Apache will send error messages.

Note: Watch out for typos, they will otherwise prevent Apache from starting up.

  • httpd.conf file

    You cannot edit your httpd.conf file directly in MAMP PRO. You will need to make custom configurations through your httpd.conf template file. More information on how to configure your httpd template file can be found in our Menu > File section.