First Steps > Login To Cloud

Go to Settings > Cloud to sign into Dropbox.


Sign in to your Dropbox

Create or sign into your Dropbox account.

MAMP PRO - Cloud - Sign in to Dropbox

Database Tab

If you have a database associated with your host, you need to map this database. This is automatically done for you if the host was pre-installed with WordPress when creating it, or using an Extra to create the host. A check mark indicates the database is associated with the host.


Save To Cloud Tab

Highlight a host and go to the Cloud tab for this host. Press ‘Save To’. Your host data, and exported database data will be saved to your Dropbox.


Load From Cloud

You can use the ‘Load From’ button to load a site from another Mac, or your current Mac, if your are using the Cloud Functions as a backup utility. To link a host from a different Mac, you must use the dropdown menu that appears to the right of the ‘Name’ text box when creating the host. The host will then be automatically linked to your Dropbox data. You can then ‘Load From’ to retrieve this data.