What is MAMP Cloud?

MAMP Cloud features provide an easy way to back up your hosts (host files and associated database(s)) or facilitate code sharing between two PCs or a PC and Mac.


Create backups of your hosts by clicking the Save To button on your host’s Cloud tab. To restore a previously created backup, click the Load From button. MAMP PRO stores the host files and associated host database in the cloud.

Code Sharing

Use the MAMP PRO Cloud features to share code between two machines, Macintosh or PC. On one machine, you can “Save To” and send your host data to the cloud. On the other machine, you can pick up where you left off. Press the Load From button and your cloud data will be uploaded to your machine.

Use this Getting Started Guide to get started with the cloud features.

Start MAMP Cloud Features

Dropbox is currently available for this option. It is not necessary to install the Dropbox software to use this feature, all you need is a Dropbox account to sign in to.