Quickly save your host and database data using the Snapshot tool in MAMP PRO. To create a Snapshot first highlight a host in the hosts table, then click the Snapshot button on the toolbar to create Snapshot of your host. Your host data will be saved to the ~/MAMP PRO/snapshots folder. The Snapshot icon on the menu bar will be blue until it is finished being compressed and saved.


To restore your hosts previous state, highlight the host in the hosts table, then right click, or press the MAMP button at the bottom of the hosts table, and select “Restore snapshot”. Your host will now be restored back to the state of the snapshot.


Save your snapshots to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive

By default, Snapshots will save to ~/MAMP PRO/snapshots. You can change the default directory for your Snapshots. Press “alt + Apple”, while clicking on the MAMP button. You will see the “Create snapshot …” option. Click this option to save your Snapshot to a folder location of a cloud provider you may have.


Automatic Snapshots

A Snapshot will be made automatically when you import using the Remote or Cloud feature. This automatic snapshot is will be made in ~/MAMP PRO/snapshots.