Sites > Create a new site

To create a new site, press the “+” button in the lower left corner of the Sites table.

MAMP PRO - Sites - Create a new site

The first time you click on the “+” button, you will see a message telling you that the SSL environment must be set up first. Confirm this dialog box by clicking the “OK” button. You may then need to enter your macOS account password.

MAMP PRO - The SSL environment needs to be set-up before you can create a new site.

Types of sites

MAMP PRO - Sites - Create a new site

  • Empty
    An “Empty” site has a simple dummy page preinstalled.

  • WordPress
    A “WordPress” site has a WordPress preinstalled, including its database.

  • Custom
    A “Custom” site allows you to add a database and/or files to a new host.

  • Blueprint
    A “Blueprint” site is a clone of a site in the “Blueprint” group.

  • Cloud
    Automatically import the data from the cloud after the site is created.

  • Import
    Use this site type to automatically import a remote site.