Settings > Hosts > Hosts Table

All your hosts of MAMP PRO are listed in the hosts table. For more structure, you can change the order of the hosts using drag & drop and you can also group hosts together.

In the header line of the hosts list, you can filter the list of hosts according to predefined criteria. In the footer, the “+” button lets you create a new host and the “-“ button lets you delete the selected host.

The gear button provides you with many more options.

If an icon with a padlock appears before the name in the host table, then SSL functionality is active for this host.

MAMP PRO - Hosts table

  • localhost
    The virtual host localhost is created by default and cannot be deleted.

  • Groups
    Hosts can be grouped into virtual folders for convenience. To create a group press the settings button at the bottom of the hosts table.

  • Blueprints
    Hosts in this group can be used as templates when creating new hosts. To create a new host based on a host in this group, click here.

  • Inactive Hosts
    When a host is temporarily not needed it can be moved to the “Inactive Hosts” group. Inactive hosts will not be written to the “hosts” file when your servers are started, and will be inaccessible.

  • Trash
    Move your hosts to the trash. You can delete them from here or restore them. You can optionally delete the document root, associated databases, and cloud data when deleting a host.

    Note: Deleting your document root will permanently delete your host data.

New host

To create a new host click on the “+” button at the bottom of the Hosts table. All further information about creating new hosts can be found here.