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MAMP PRO - Hosts - General

  • Name
    The server name and port number in combination must be unique within MAMP PRO. Often it’s practical to use a reverse domain naming scheme to easily identify them (e.g. use info.mamp.development instead of The unreversed name may conflict with an outside domain name. The host name may only contain letters and/or numbers, as well as dashes (“-“); but it may not begin or end with a “-“ character. Names are not case-sensitive. The name of a host can be up to 254 characters long.

    To open your new host in your default browser, click on the “Open” button to the right of the host name field. This button is only active when the servers are running. The “Open in” button allows you to open the host’s website in a specific browser.

  • PHP Version
    Here you select which PHP version should be used for the host.

    If you select the default PHP version MAMP PRO will automatically adapt this setting if you choose a new default version in the PHP tab. Use a fixed setting to tell MAMP PRO not to alter the PHP version.

    An example: The default version is 7.4.5. You have set HostA to PHP version “Default (7.4.5)”, HostB to “7.3.17” and HostC to “5.6.40”. If you set the PHP version in the PHP section to “7.0.33”, MAMP PRO will change the PHP version of HostA to this version (it is set to always use the default version). The other 2 hosts will not be changed.

    Setting Your PHP Version in MAMP PRO.

    To view the configuration of the currently selected PHP version, click the arrow button to the right of the select box.

  • Dynamic DNS
    Specifies whether this virtual host is accessible from the Internet using the Dynamic DNS service.

    To be able to select a value from this drop-down list, you must select the “Include Dynamic DNS service in GroupStart” checkbox in the “Dynamic DNS” section (Servers & Services) and enter your account information in one of the offered services.

  • IP address
    If this field is left blank or contains an asterisk (*), the web server will use one of the computer’s IP addresses to access this host. If you want to choose which of the IP addresses to associate with a host, select it from the pop-up menu.

  • Port Number
    Specify the port on which the virtual host will be accessible. Valid values range from 2 to 65535. In most cases, you will not need to change the default value. The general port settings can be found here.

  • **Web Server ** Specify which web server to use with your host.

  • Document root
    The location of a virtual host’s documents (HTML/PHP files, etc.) is called the document root.

    MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Document root

    Note: Do not create document root folders under your “/Applications/MAMP” folder. A better location for your document root folders would be “~/Sites/”. This will keep your host data separate from the MAMP PRO application data.

    Important: Please note that there will be problems if you use an alias (symbolic link) as your document root that points to the “/Applications/MAMP/htdocs” folder. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not do this.

    You can change the permissions of the selected document root using the Permissions panel. This can be accessed via the menu “Tools -> Open Permissions Panel…”.

    MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Permissions Panel

  • Extras
    With MAMP PRO Extras you can install a content management system in just a few clicks. Press the “Add…” button to install an Extras package.

    Note: We may add or remove extras from time to time.

    MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Extras List

    The Extras panel shows the name of the extra, how many installations are possible per document root, PHP version and MySQL compatibility. MAMP PRO provides the following Extras.

    Note: The availability of an Extra will be affected by your hosts PHP version, internet connection, cached Extras and available disk space.

  • Resolution
    This will determine how your system will map host names to ip addresses.

    MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Resolution

    • via /etc/host file (this Mac only)
      The basic mapping mechanism which uses the file “/etc/hosts”.

    • via “MAMP Viewer”
      Enable your host to be viewed on the MAMP Viewer. You can only enable this option if your host name ends in “.local”. If this is not the case and you activate this checkbox, you will be asked whether the name of your host should be changed accordingly.

      MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Resolution - MAMP Viewer

    • via NAMO
      In order for a MAMP PRO host to resolve to NAMO, it must be marked as a NAMO host in MAMP PRO.

  • Aliases
    Aliases are additional names for your virtual host. These additional names are subject to the same restrictions as the host itself. Use the plus button to add aliases.

    MAMP PRO - Hosts - General - Aliases

    Note: Using an alias for a WordPress site is not suitable because WordPress stores the original name of the host in its database and generates all links etc. with this name.