Settings > Hosts > Databases

The Database tab shows which databases are associated with each host. You can assign individual databases or tables to a host. Disabled checkboxes indicate databases and tables that are associated with a host via an extra or automatic WordPress installation. This association cannot be broken.

The mapping of a database to a host is used by the Remote and Cloud features. This mapping tells MAMP PRO which host is associated with which database(s).

MAMP PRO - Databases

Create Database

To create a new database, click the “+” button at the bottom of the databases table. You can only create databases, not individual tables. Please use a database administration tool such as phpMyAdmin. You can access phpMyAdmin by clicking its icon at the bottom of the database table.

MAMP PRO - Databases - Create database

  • Name
    Enter the name of the new database.

  • After creating the new database….

    • Grant access to user.
      If this box is unchecked (default), the new database will be created by and granted privileges to the MySQL “root” user. When you grant access, you have the choice of using an existing user or creating a new user.

      • If you choose to create a new MySQL user, you will need a password for this new MySQL user. This must be entered in the “with password” text box below. The newly created MySQL user has all privileges only for the newly created database. It has no privileges for any other database.

      • If an existing MySQL user is selected, the “with password” field is disabled and the existing password of this MySQL user is automatically used.

    With password
    Enter the name of the new MySQL user. When a new MySQL user is created, a password is required to continue. This field is disabled when an existing user is used.