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Redis is an open source (BSD licensed) in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache and message broker.

MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - Redis

In the upper right corner of this screen you will find information about which version of the Redis server is being used and which port is being used.

  • Include Redis server in GroupStart
    Check this box if you want the Redis server to start and stop automatically when the Start/Stop button in the toolbar is clicked. The Redis PHP extension is automatically included when this option is enabled.

  • Allow network access to Redis
    Check this box if you want to access the Redis server over the network. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your Redis server over the network, not even from other locally installed applications.

    • Only from this Mac.
      Only applications installed on this Mac can access Redis via network features.

    • from other computers.
      Redis will answer any network request, even from computers on the Internet, depending on your network settings.

  • Interactive Redis session

    • Start a new terminal window
      Clicking this button will open the Redis server’s command line interface in the Terminal application on MacOS. When this happens for the first time, a dialog box from MacOS informs you that MAMP PRO wants to use the Terminal application and asks if you agree.

      MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - Redis - Start a new Terminal window (question)

    • Clear Cache
      Click this button to clear the cache.

    • Live Statistics
      Clicking this button will display live statistics.

      MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - Redis - Live Statistics

  • Maximum speed

    • Disable Database Compression and Checksum
      Your data is kept in memory by the Redis server. The data is backed up automatically from time to time or manually to a file on disk. By default, the data is compressed and a CRC64 checksum is generated (for higher data integrity). If you enable the checkbox, the data is not compressed and the checksum is set to 0. When importing such a file, the content is not checked in combination with the checksum.
  • Log level

    Select how much information should be written to the Redis log. The following options are available:

    Name Description
    Warning only very important / critical messages are logged
    Notice moderately verbose, what you want in production probably
    Verbose many rarely useful info, but not a mess like the debug level
    Debug a lot of information, useful for development/testing
  • Path to Redis log file.
    The path to your Redis log file. This log file is located at “/Applications/MAMP/logs/redis_error.log”.

Right-clicking on the Redis entry in the sidebar displays a context menu with several options.

  • Add to GroupStart / Remove from GroupStart.
    This option allows you to add or remove Redis from the GroupStart. If Redis is added to the GroupStart, it will be automatically started and stopped when you click the Start/Stop button in the toolbar.

  • If Redis is running

    • Restart server This option allows you to restart Redis individually.
  • If Redis is not running

    • Force stop server.
      If Redis is running but MAMP PRO is not able to detect the correct status, the application may not be able to (re)start or stop the server instances. Calling this function will help MAMP PRO regain control of Redis.

    • Show redis.conf….
      Calling this option will display the Redis configuration file (redis.conf) connections currently used by the running server instances. It is displayed in read-only mode. If you want to make changes, you must edit the template.

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