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MailHog is an open source (MIT License) email testing tool for developers.

MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - MailHog

When MailHog is started, you will see in the upper right corner of the screen the information about which ports are used for SMTP and the web interface.

  • Include MailHog server in GroupStart
    Activate this checkbox if you want MailHog to start and stop automatically when the Start/Stop button in the toolbar is clicked.

  • View sent emails

    • Open MailHog GUI
      Click this button to open the MailHog web interface (GUI). Here you will be able to view, delete, download and more.

      MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - MailHog GUI

    • Senda test email
      Clicking this button will send a test email and open the MailHog Web Interface (GUI) in your default browser.

      MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - MailHog GUI with test email

  • Path to MailHog log file
    The path to your MailHog log file. This log file is located at “/Applications/MAMP PRO/logs/mailhog.log”.

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