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If you want to make your hosts accessible from the Internet (remember security!), but do not have a domain name pointing to your Mac, you will need a Dynamic DNS service.

If your network is connected to the Internet through a router that can handle Dynamic DNS services, you don’t need to configure it with MAMP PRO.

Otherwise, you will need to register with a Dynamic DNS service and enter the username and password in the appropriate fields. Then you need to tell MAMP PRO when to inform the Dynamic DNS provider about a change in your Mac’s IP address. This may be necessary when you reboot your computer or when a DSL/cable modem reconnects.

Note: To use the Dynamic DNS features, you must register with one of the supported providers. This is independent of MAMP PRO and is not a service provided by MAMP GmbH.

MAMP PRO - Servers & Services - Dynamic DNS

  • Include Dynamic DNS service in GroupStart
    Select this check box if you want the Dynamic DNS service to start and stop automatically when the Start/Stop button in the toolbar is clicked.

  • Use service
    Specify when you want the Dynamic DNS service to run.

    • Only when a web server is running.
      Enable this option if you want the Dynamic DNS service to run only when a web server (Apache and/or Nginx) is running. It is set up as a system service (“de.appsolute.mamp_dyndns.plist” in “/Library/LaunchDaemons”) for this purpose.

    • permanently (as a system service).
      Enable this option if you want the Dynamic DNS service to always be running. It will be set up as a system service (“de.appsolute.mamp_dyndns.plist” in “/Library/LaunchDaemons”).

  • Account information for the service
    Select the tab view of your Dynamic DNS service provider if you have an account with DNS-O-Matic, No-IP, or For all other dynamic DNS service providers, select the Generic tab. The following information is required for each provider

    • User name.
      Enter the username you received from your Dynamic DNS service provider.

    • Password
      Enter the password provided by your Dynamic DNS service provider.

    • Update URL (Generic only)
      Enter the update URL provided by your Dynamic DNS service provider.

  • Generic DNS
    A generic DNS service can be used as long as the update server is configured to handle the update URL as follows:

    • The following URL should be placed in the “Update URL” field, and nothing more: “”.
    • MAMP PRO will add the following parameters at the end of the URL “?hostname={your hostname}&myip={ipaddress}&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG”. MAMP PRO will replace the placeholders in the curly brackets with the required information.

Dynamic DNS Log File Path
This is the path to your Dynamic DNS log file. This log file is located in “/Applications/MAMP/logs/ddns.log”.

Right-clicking on the Dynamic DNS entry in the sidebar will open a context menu with several options.

  • Add to GroupStart / Remove from GroupStart.
    These options allow you to add or remove Dynamic DNS from GroupStart. If Dynamic DNS is added to GroupStart, it will be automatically started and stopped when you click the Start/Stop button in the toolbar.

  • If Dynamic DNS is running

    • Restart server
      This option allows you to restart Dynamic DNS individually.
  • If Dynamic DNS is not running

  • Force server to stop.
    If Dynamic DNS is running but MAMP PRO is unable to determine the correct status, the application may be unable to (re)start or stop the server instances. Calling this function will help MAMP PRO regain control of Dynamic DNS.