Upgrading from version 6.x to version 6.x

Note: Updates within a major release are always free for license holders.

  1. Download MAMP PRO from
  2. Double click on the file “MAMP_MAMP_PRO_6.xx.pkg” in your “Downloads” folder to start the installation process.
  3. The installer will rename your existing “/Applications/MAMP” to “/Applications/MAMP_current_date”. You can delete this folder later. However, you may want to keep it so that you can revert to your original setup.
  4. Your existing “htdocs” folder will be moved to your new “/Applications/MAMP” folder.
  5. If there has been a change in the configuration of Apache, PHP or MySQL (a directive has changed or a new one has been added) between versions of MAMP PRO, and you have already made changes to your current configuration (resulting in the creation of a template file in “~/Library/application support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/templates”), MAMP PRO will prompt you to save your old templates when you upgrade.

    MAMP PRO - Templates changed

    Save your template files. You can use these saved template files as a guide to your previous modifications. New (re)modifications must be made through the MAMP PRO interface (File > Edit Templates), just as you did previously in MAMP PRO.

  6. Confirm that all data has been transferred correctly before starting MAMP PRO.
  7. Your “/Applications/MAMP_current_date” folder can now be deleted. You can keep it if you want to go back to your original setup.


  • Backup It is always a good idea to back up your host settings files and databases. You can do this using the “File > Backup…” option.

  • Settings
    Your host settings will not be affected by upgrading to MAMP PRO.

  • Database Files
    Your database files are located in /Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/db/mysql. Your database files are not affected when you upgrade MAMP PRO.