First Steps > Main GUI Elements

  • Toolbar

    • Customize
      Customize your toolbar. For more information about the toolbar, see the Customize section.

    • WebStart
      Open the MAMP PRO Start Page on your local web server. For more information about the MAMP PRO Start Page, see the Webstart section.

    • Editor
      Open the MAMP PRO Editor. For more information about the MAMP PRO Editor, see the Editor section.

    • Start/Stop
      Starts the active GroupStart services of MAMP PRO. Stops all services if any GroupStart services are already running.

  • Bottom bar

    • Revert
      Discards all changes that have not been saved.

    • Save
      Save the settings you have changed.

  • Sidebar

    • Servers & Services
      “On” shows that a server or a service is running. A check mark shows that this service is part of GroupStart.

      MAMP PRO - Sidebar - Servers & Services