NAMO 1 to NAMO 2 Update

Note: During the update process described here, your created hosts including the corresponding settings will of course be preserved.

  1. Download NAMO from
  2. Double-click the NAMO-2.x-xx.dmg file in your Downloads folder.
  3. Accept the “License Agreement for NAMO” by clicking on the “Agree” button.
    NAMO - Update - License Agreement for NAMO
  4. Drag the into your Applications folder.
    NAMO - Update - Applications folder
  5. A dialog will be displayed informing you that an object named “” already exists in this location. This is NAMO 1. To continue click on the “Replace” button. This will replace NAMO 1 with NAMO 2.
    NAMO - Update - Replace
  6. When NAMO 2 is started for the first time, a helper tool is installed/updated. The helper tool is a daemon that helps NAMO to perform certain tasks with administration rights in the background. For this reason you have to enter the user data of an administrator here.
    NAMO - Install/update helper tool - Password