Entering the URL in the browser

Full URLs with http://

Modern browsers usually have a combined field for entering the URL and the search term. For this reason, it may happen that the browser interprets the input of the URL as a search term. In such a case, enter the URL in full. To do this, start with “http://” followed by the host name. The complete URL then looks like this, for example: “http://mywordpress.test”.

Non-qualified hostname

If you use a hostname such as “host1”, then this is a non-qualified hostname. This hostname needs at least one more dot at the end. For this reason, you may experience problems when calling the host “host1”. If you experience this problem, then add a dot to the call. The complete call then looks like this: “http://host1.”. In general, we recommend that you only use fully qualified host names - for example, “host1.namo” or “host1.mamp”. Do not use “.local” (explanation). This will avoid the described problem from the beginning.

Further information