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4. PHP


PHP Version

Choose whether PHP 5.2.x or PHP 5.3.x should be used. The exact PHP version depends on the installed MAMP version. For more information, please consult the MAMP version history.

Error handling

Determine how PHP should react if an error occurs during the execution of a PHP script.


Determine which error types should be reported.
  • All errors and warnings: All errors will be reported.
  • Errors: Script errors that make the further execution of the current PHP script impossible.
  • Warnings: General errors in the PHP environment.
  • Notices: Possible problems, that do not concern PHP, but which could be a notice of an error in a script.
  • Other: Report further error types through constants. Please turn to the PHP documentation for further information.


Determine if these errors should be recorded in a logfile and/or displayed in the browser.
  • Display: Display errors in the browser.
  • Log: Save errors to a log file.

Log File

  • "View Log": Show current content of the log file.
  • "Choose...": Select a location where the log file should be saved.