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1. General


Server name

Determine the virtual host name for the entry marked in the table. This name corresponds to the domain you will enter in your browser to access this website.

Note: The Server Name and Port number in combination must be unique within MAMP PRO. The host name may only contain letters and/or numbers, as well as dashes ("-"); but it may not begin or end with a "-" character. Names are not case-sensitive (upper and lower-case letters are not distinguished.)

Local name resolution

This entry will be inserted into the /etc/hosts file on your local machine. This enables you to access the host name directly in your browser.


Determine the port with which the virtual host is accessible.

Dynamic DNS

Determines, if this virtual host is accessible with the Dynamic DNS service from the internet.

Disc location

Determine the location of the documents (HTML/PHP files etc.) of your virtual host (Document Root).

  • "Choose...": location of your virtual host (Document Root).

    Note: The user under whose account the web server runs must possess at least read permissions for the selected folder. The field may not be empty. The following folders cannot be used:

    • /Developer
    • /Applications
    • /Library
    • /Network
    • /Volumes
    • /bin
    • /cores
    • /dev
    • /etc
    • /mach
    • /private
    • /sbin
    • /tmp
    • /usr
    • /var
    • /System (incl. subfolders)

  • "Permissions...": Define the access permissions and owner rights for your files on the virtual host.


Aliases are additional names for your virtual host. The same constraints apply to these additional names as to the host itself. Add aliases with the plus-button. Delete selected aliases with the minus-button.