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2. First Steps


After successful installation you can launch your local web server. Start MAMP PRO and click on the Start button in the title bar of MAMP PRO. In the status display on the top right, the launch status of the server is displayed. Should you not be logged in as administrator, you are asked at this point for the administrator's password. The web server starts by default on port 8888. This port must be specified when calling the local web page in the browser, e.g.: http://localhost:8888! Now you can start creating additional virtual hosts. How to accomplish this is explained in the section Hosts.


Start MAMP PRO. The program window opens. Here you have access to all configuration options of your server(s).


This button will open the start page of your local web server. You can change the start page in the menu bar MAMP PRO > Preferences.

Start / Stop

This button starts or stops the services of the MAMP PRO server.


The status display in the upper right corner shows the started services (Apache, MySQL and DynDNS).

Restore factory settings

This button restores the factory settings of MAMP PRO. Individual configurations will be lost. Simultaneously, all services will be restarted with the default settings.


This button discards all changes, which have not already been confirmed with Apply.