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Magento Commerce is a popular PHP based e-commerce platform. More information about Magento can be found here.


  • Email address:
    Your email address. Your Magento installation will send error messages to this email address.
  • Directory:
    If you would like to install Magento directly in the host document root directory, leave this field empty. If you provide a name, Magento will be installed in this directory. The directory must not yet exist.

  • Table Prefix:
    Magento can use a table prefix to manage multiple web sites in a single database. The prefix has a maximum of five characters.

  • Database Name:
    Set the name of your database schema. After installation you can view this database using phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, or MySQLWorkbench.

  • User name:
    Use this user name to login into the Magento adminn area.
  • Password:
    Use this Magento password to login to the admin area of your installation.
  • Encryption Key:
    This key is used for encrypting your sensitive data. You will need it if you move your data to a different Magento installation. Some payment and shipment processors require it. The key is located in <document root>/app/etc/env.php.


After your Magento extra is installed you will see two links to your site. The MAMP button will open your Extra’s homepage. The MAMP button will open the admin page of your Magento site. Your database name is indicated to the right of the MAMP icon, your database table prefix is in parenthesis.